ShäV. Fotos

Fine-art Portraiture of dark psychological daydreams in visual poetry; engaging the audience in mind-bending interpretations.    


Born in Southern Virginia, Shane Hairston stepped into the world of the arts early in life.  By the age of twelve he performed in his first musical production with Missoula Children’s Theatre; later devoting himself to five years of theatrical studies.  He would also begin, in his free time, writing poetry and short stories.  During his six years of traveling through Europe, Shane would acquire an interest in photography.  Many of his early works were taken in European night clubs, where he found his passion for photographing people.  Upon returning to the United States, he moved to San Francisco, California to further develop the craft of photography; ultimately obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the field. 

The Creative Director

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©2018-2022 ShäV. Fotos