INtroVERTED is a series of expressive self-portraits inverted as digital negatives. The inversion is to mirrors current moods with everything that's going on right now. My bedroom has become the place where I eat, sleep, work, and entertain myself...essentially becoming a prison. Studies have shown when everything constantly occurs within the same space it doesn’t allow a necessary outlet or separation for the mind and can eventually take its toll on the mental state. The room a pandemic drove me to, and the room which drove my mind to its breaking point, is now the room I must escape.

Not having always been the introvert I have recently become, I'm left wondering if this is me being the realist I am, or if I'm simply growing a pessimistic (the negative) outlook on life in general. The negative in photography represents an unfinished process, which could also represent future completion (growth,) as it will eventually become a positive. The images were created during a time when I was pushed and pulled in multiple direction; school, work, and preparing for yet another move.

INtroVERTED is represented by the months and the different events which occurred.



© 2018-2022 ShäV. Fotos 

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©2018-2022 ShäV. Fotos