Me Myself My Me Myself and I explores the identity of the self during the state of the pandemic and how I was personally affected by it. Self-portraiture is an avenue I, over the years, grew to not like. Like hearing your voice recorded, it can sometimes be awkward seeing yourself in a photo. “Is this what I really look like to the world?” This series forces me out of my comfort zone, which then mirrors my mental state during the COVID-19 pandemic. Always having been a social butterfly, and now with all my distractors tucked away, I am forced to deal with myself and parts of my identity that could have remained muted. In one of my favorite films, Claire smiles as she watches Bobby care for their child. She says, “Seriously, Bobby! Is there anything you can’t do?” To which he quietly replies, “I couldn’t be alone.”

Me Myself My Me Myself And I


© 2018-2022 ShäV. Fotos 

Fine-Art Portraiture | Digital Retouching | Photography

©2018-2022 ShäV. Fotos